Waterways & Utility Services


We work in private and public sectors to provide affordable and sustainable gas, water and electric mains and services. We have built and maintained a reputation for delivering quality operations in a safe working environment. This committed approach ensures further business which will facilitate our growth and competition in the industry sectors.

Services include:

Installation of new connections, Replacing existing utilities, Backfilling & Reinstatement, Meter replacement. We have the expertise and capability to provide you with a comprehensive range of services covering design, installation, testing, sterilisation and commissioning utilities.

Our full range of services:

Pipework – design and installation of below and above ground pipework, multi-utility pipes and cabling – for water, gas, electric and communication cables. Cable pulling – including trench excavation.

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If you’re interested in our services, please ask for information regarding our service and we will be happy to discuss in more detail the services we offer and we can offer a free consultation if you’d like an accurate price estimate for the work you need completing.

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