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The ongoing maintenance of your arena or indoor arena surface is essential to its effectiveness and longevity. It should be remembered that the water percolation rate through the sand to the base will gradually diminish with time. This is due to the lower layer of sand becoming compacted whilst the upper layer becomes contaminated with general dirt, airborne dust, horse droppings and leaf debris. Its recommended that you not only maintain your product weekly but undertake preventative maintenance yearly to ensure the surface is performing to its optimum.

Preventive maintenance can be undertaken in numerous ways including lifting/re-laying, harrowing/aerating the surface, re-levelling, checking levels and topping-up your surface if necessary. G P Cork & Co are able to offer a maintenance scheme with each of the surfaces we produce, therefore taking the hassle out of maintaining your surface on a yearly basis. Following our preventive maintenance plan will ensure your surface performs to its optimum all year round and increases the longevity of the surface.

Many arenas suffer from drainage issues, some of which can be easily solved and some of which require major works. Typically, problems we have come across can range from wrong materials being used in the base to poor drainage system outlets. It is vital you find out exactly what the problem is before spending and money on trying to rectify.

Following a site visit and a simple survey may be all you need to locate the problem and save lots of money. We solve many surface problems old and new each year, so please contact us today for advice and the best way forward.

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