Indoor & Outdoor Ménage Arenas


As specialists in land drainage, we believe this sets us apart. We know that getting the groundworks right is crucial and a well-constructed arena, from the outset, is the key to producing the high performing and long-lasting arena.

From initial consultancy through to design and install of concept, we tailor the needs of each project and provide an initial site visit with a ‘supply and install’ option or a ‘supply only’ option depending on your specific requirements.

So, however large or small your project is, we can help – whether you are building a new ménage in for the first time, wanting to buy in the equine surface only; or are looking into how you can improve your existing riding surface.

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If you’re interested in our services, please ask for information regarding our service and we will be happy to discuss in more detail the services we offer and we can offer a free consultation if you’d like an accurate price estimate for the work you need completing.

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