A sand-based surface which has been tried and tested for many years is a popular choice and of which we have found works best with our dual stabiliser, your next options from this would be to gel or wax the surface to improve further. However, in an outdoor situation in the U.K our dual stabiliser is sufficient in most cases.

We can advise on the right surface for you (please get in touch to request samples).

Equestrian Silica Sand

The fibre stabilised Equestrian Silica Sand provides an excellent riding surface which is free draining. A pure sand surface will ride deep and unstable (especially during dry periods) causing the horse to work through the sand rather than on top of it. Equestrian Silica Sand is ideally suited as a base sand for onsite incorporation of a fibre stabilising product which will provide structure and stability to the sand.

Dual Fibre Stabiliser & Toppers

A finely balanced combination of nylon and a rubber fleck offering elasticity and giving memory and cushioning. Ideal for top-ups and when added to a new or old sand based surface injects life and protect the horse from any unwanted movement or firmness.

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