Reservoir & Pool Construction Specialists


Over the past 20 years, we have been responsible for some of the many pools that can be seen in the surrounding landscape. We also understand that water is a natural and decorative feature in a landscape, so whether your lake or pond is purely for visual enjoyment, or for water collection, irrigation and management systems. We are able to help.

Great care is taken as to blend the new landscape into the natural existing environment. As well as the site itself, consideration is always given to the land around the site so that the disruption to your property overall is kept to a minimum. From initial consultation to installation, we bring the vision to reality. Help and advice can also be given in relation to planning permission and other consents that may be required.

Services include: Private Pools, Irrigation Pools, Maintenance works, dredging, Design, Planning Advice, Construction, Landscaping & Groundworks.

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If you’re interested in our services, please ask for information regarding our service and we will be happy to discuss in more detail the services we offer and we can offer a free consultation if you’d like an accurate price estimate for the work you need completing.

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